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Unlocking Time Freedom for CEOs: Lisa Sabala's Journey with 8point8 Virtual Assistants

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Unlocking Time Freedom for CEOs: Lisa Sabala’s Journey with 8point8 Virtual Assistants

Ever feel like you’re drowning in tasks as a CEO? There’s the daily grind, keeping up with the market... it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and your goals. But sometimes, the most inspiring stories come from people who’ve faced those same struggles.

Take Lisa Sabala, founder of 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team. Her journey is incredible. She battled the chaos of the pandemic, personal loss, and still built a thriving company. 

So, how did she do it? How did she overcome those challenges and turn them into fuel for growth?  That’s what we’ll dive into in this episode! Her story might give you some fresh ideas to tackle your own challenges and unlock new levels of success. Keep reading to discover Lisa’s journey of resilience and the innovative solutions her company offers.

The Genesis of 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team

Let’s rewind to 2017 when Lisa Sabala’s journey into the world of virtual assistance started. Back then, Lisa was deeply involved in the world of content writing, crafting captivating copy for various marketing endeavors. But as fate would have it, her path took an unexpected turn when she ventured into the realm of virtual assistance.

“I started working as a virtual assistant,” Lisa recalls, reflecting on her initial foray into this new domain. Despite her extensive background in content writing, she found herself drawn to new avenues like PowerPoint presentations and video editing. However, not everyone was convinced of her newfound ventures.

“When I showed them to colleagues, they were really, really honest,” Lisa admits, recounting the candid feedback she received. Despite the skepticism, Lisa persisted, honing her skills and exploring new horizons in the virtual assistance sphere.

Then – BOOM – 2019 hits, and the whole COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Talk about a time of uncertainty! But for Lisa, even that big challenge sparked something new. Want to know what happened next?

“So those friends of mine, or people in my circle, they realized that, ‘Oh no, where are we gonna get money? Or food? I didn’t even have enough savings.’ So they, they sort of panicked but they knew that I was already having my virtual assistants business’,” Things were getting tough, money was tight, and they didn’t know what to do. Faced with the prospect of financial uncertainty, they turned to Lisa for guidance, seeking refuge in her budding virtual assistance gig. “So, they came to me and they asked like, ‘Lisa, can we join you because you suck at graphics?’ Why don’t we just do that part where you suck at and then you can, you know, focus on writing? And I welcomed them.”

And that’s how it all started! From just a handful of people, Lisa’s team quickly grew – during the early days, there were only 4 of them, but then the team continued to expand as referrals poured in. Then, more and more people who were out of work heard about Lisa’s company and wanted in.

Now, in 2024, they have a whole team of 21 virtual assistants! “It’s a salad now,” Lisa quips, drawing a metaphorical comparison to the diverse array of talents within her team. With each member specializing in their respective areas, 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. It’s been a wild ride for sure, but what Lisa loves most is that even though they’ve grown, they’re still all about helping each other out and working together.

Navigating Life’s Storms

Just when things were looking up, a powerful typhoon struck in 2021, plunging Lisa and her team into darkness. “A typhoon so strong it knocked out the power grid from the whole central part of the Philippines,” Lisa shares, painting a clear picture of the challenging situation. After the typhoon hit, the aftermath left them without electricity or water, posing a significant challenge to her business. “And after the typhoon hit, there was no electricity, there was no water… like the business died. And I really thought that 8point8 was done because I couldn’t contact the clients.”

Despite the chaos, Lisa’s team rallied together, showing their resilience and dedication. “So some of the team members who were affected by the typhoon reported that they were fine. But they needed like a month or so until they could get back because there was no electricity,” she explains, highlighting the impact of the disaster on her team. However, despite the challenges, the business persisted, thanks to the unwavering commitment of her team members. “So, when electricity did come back in my part of the country, I quickly realized that the team members who were not in the central part of the Philippines, but they were in the northern or southern part, they just kept reporting to work,” Lisa shares, amazed by the dedication displayed by her team.

During this difficult time, Lisa’s faith played a central role in guiding her through the storm. “During the storm, all I prayed about – didn’t even pray about like, ‘Please keep the business going’ – all I prayed about was just keep the team members safe. Just keep the storm away from them. Life first before business,” she reflects, emphasizing her priorities amidst adversity. Despite the challenges, Lisa remains grateful for the safety of her team and the resilience they displayed.

“So, God answered that prayer and I was really happy. In fact, he kept a big chunk of our team safe enough to keep the business safe. So, he took care of everything. And it wasn’t even the first thing that I prayed for. So, I’m really, really thankful about that,” she expresses, acknowledging the blessings amidst the storm.

Personal Loss and Resilience

In 2022, Lisa faced another devastating blow as she lost her husband to heart disease, leaving her widowed with three young boys. This loss came just months after the turmoil of the typhoon, compounding the emotional challenges she faced. “This one happened a few months after the typhoon, we lost him August 2022,” Lisa reveals, recounting the sequence of events that tested her resilience. With three young sons to raise on her own, Lisa grappled with the weight of grief and the responsibility of single parenthood. “One of them can’t even remember his father because he was barely a year old,” she shares, highlighting the heartbreak of her children growing up without their dad.

As the sole surviving adult in her immediate family, Lisa found herself navigating uncharted territory, driven by the need to provide and protect her children. “But it’s sort of, it’s not just sort of, it’s impossible to, rise up,” she reflects, acknowledging the profound impact of her loss. Despite the darkness that enveloped her emotionally, Lisa found strength in her faith and the love she had for her children. “I still feel like I’m sad from time to time. But I know that I have my three boys to keep alive,” she says, emphasizing the bittersweet reality of her situation.

Recognizing the need to prioritize her family during this challenging time, Lisa took a step back from work to focus on healing and supporting her children. “So I took, I’d say, a month, almost two months off of work,” she shares, illustrating the depth of her commitment to her family’s well-being. Even in her absence, Lisa’s team rallied around her, offering support and understanding. “Everyone in the team would say, ‘Lisa, why are you here? You’re not supposed to be online, go take care of your boys. We got this, just go away,’” she recalls, grateful for their compassion and encouragement.

Through this experience, Lisa learned valuable lessons about resilience and the importance of building a business that can weather life’s storms. “Your business should be foolproof. And the only way that can happen is if it’s blessed by God,” she asserts, highlighting the role of faith in sustaining her through adversity. By prioritizing the well-being of her team and trusting in a higher power, Lisa found strength and resilience in the face of personal loss, inspiring others to persevere in the midst of their own challenges.

Lessons in Delegation and Divine Guidance

Lisa’s story is one of both resilience and wise forethought. Having weathered the devastation of a typhoon, she then faced the unimaginable loss of her husband. Throughout these incredibly difficult times, Lisa credits a key factor with easing her burden and protecting her business – the systems she had established for delegation. Having already recognized the need for balance and trusted others with some responsibilities, she was able to focus on what mattered most when life threw her unexpected curveballs. “In God’s perfect plan, it just all works out,” she muses, testament to the transformative power of faith and surrender.

Lisa’s supportive husband played a vital role in this journey. Noticing her unhealthy drive toward overwork, he lovingly encouraged her to delegate tasks. “My husband, who was very supportive, but also very honest, when he saw me becoming a workaholic, working almost 24/7... He said, ‘This cannot go on. You are taking time away from our kids, taking time away from me, and you’re not resting,’” she shares. Moreover, her young son’s tearful pleas for her to take a break further cemented the message that finding a balance was crucial. By learning to share responsibilities, Lisa not only protected her health and family relationships but also paved the way for sustained business success.

Lisa’s tale emphasizes the power of delegation and the need for rest and rejuvenation. By recognizing her limitations and building a team, she was able to weather life’s storms while finding space to live a more fulfilling life. Her story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most valuable business decision is trusting others to share the load.

The Power of Gratitude

Amidst life’s trials and tribulations, Lisa discovered the transformative power of gratitude. She emphasizes the importance of practicing mindful gratitude in both personal and professional spheres. “Being aware of every penny that comes out of your business, because you’re sending that out to the world, it’s going to come back like a thousandfold.”

Building a Strong Foundation

As the 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team continues to thrive, Lisa credits its success to a strong foundation built on faith, teamwork, and gratitude. With a team of 21 dedicated virtual assistants, each bringing their unique skills to the table, 8point8 is revolutionizing the way CEOs reclaim their time freedom. Lisa reflects, “The biggest part of it is delegating tasks, delegating your work, so that even if you are not physically present in your business, your business is still going to continue.”

Final Thoughts

Lisa’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. From weathering life’s storms, both literal and metaphorical, to finding strength in the support of loved ones, her story is one of perseverance, faith, and the power of community. As we navigate our own challenges, let us draw inspiration from Lisa’s experiences, remembering that even in our darkest moments, there is light to be found.

Catch the full episode and connect with Lisa and the 8point8 team at And don’t forget to drop by our social media channels for more inspiring content. Cheers to embracing life’s storms and finding gratitude in every moment!


About Lisa Sabala

Lisa Sabala is a seasoned virtual assistant with over a decade of experience aiding busy professionals and entrepreneurs in optimizing their operations for success and freedom. As the founder of 8point8, Lisa leads a team of dedicated virtual assistants committed to understanding clients’ unique needs and delivering exceptional results.

In 2015, Lisa’s journey took a challenging turn when her husband Lee battled rheumatic heart disease, ultimately passing away in August 2022, leaving behind their three sons. Despite this loss, Lisa’s unwavering determination, coupled with the support of her family and the 8point8 team, fueled her commitment to providing invaluable virtual assistance services.

Through her personal journey, Lisa emphasizes the importance of having a reliable support system and recognizes the transformative impact of delegating tasks to achieve both professional and personal goals. With 8point8, Lisa strives to empower business owners to step away from daily grind, foster creativity, and actualize growth plans while cherishing the precious moments with loved ones.

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