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The Power of Abiding Affirmations

#abidingceo #biblicalaffirmations #christianbusinessowner #christianentrepreneur #faithandbusiness #impostersyndrome #leadershipdevelopment #mindsetmatters #overcomingdoubt #womeninleadership Apr 11, 2024

Have you ever tried not to think about something and the harder you try, the more it stays on your mind? Like a big, pink elephant with floppy Dumbo ears… don’t picture it! This simple exercise shows the power our thoughts have over our perceptions and behaviors.

The Mind-Behavior Link

As a business owner and faith-driven leader, I understand that the way I show up for my business has a powerful impact on my team and overall outcomes. Whether it’s a job interview or a difficult conversation, the way I feel about myself shows to the world.

What Are Abiding Affirmations?

To combat fear, self-doubt, and other leadership challenges, I developed a toolkit of Abiding Affirmations.

Rooted in biblical principles, these affirmations are designed to align our self-perception with the truths of our faith. These are simple statements rooted in Biblical truth that remind us of who we are in Christ; they help us align our thoughts with the promises of God. Unlike generic affirmations, which might not resonate with everyone’s reality, abiding affirmations are grounded in the timeless wisdom of Scripture, offering a more authentic and spiritually congruent path to self-improvement.

My Experience with Abiding Affirmations

The workplace often presents scenarios that test our confidence and sense of worth. Whether it’s leading a team, facing superiors, or handling critical discussions, the way we view ourselves plays a crucial role in our performance.

Personally, I used to struggle with feeling small, even when I had a seat at the leadership table in my corporate career. Affirmations like these helped me navigate those difficult meetings:

“I am part of the true Vine.” – John 15:5

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalms 139:14

“I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath.” – Deuteronomy 28:13

By constantly reminding myself of these truths, I discovered a wellspring of quiet confidence that transcended self-hype. Biblical affirmations offer a foundation built on something far more substantial than fleeting feelings.

Why This Matters for Leaders: Aligning Our Thoughts with Our Purpose

Our behaviors flow from what we’re thinking about. If we meditate on the Word of God, if we believe and speak aloud the truths about who we are, we will begin to walk in greater alignment with His design for us as leaders.

Your Abiding Affirmation Challenge

I’ve created a list of 30 Abiding Affirmations to help you on your leadership journey. My hope is that these truths will encourage and edify you in your walk with Christ and your calling in business.

Here’s how to make them work for you:

  1. Download the list. Familiarize yourself with these powerful statements. You can download it here.
  2. Reflect and choose. Contemplate each affirmation. Which ones resonate with you? Which ones make you feel a bit unsettled?
  3. Go deeper. If an affirmation creates unease, don’t shy away from it. Bring it before the Lord in prayer. There may be areas in your heart that require His healing touch and the confirmation of His truth.

Bringing abiding affirmations into your life isn’t just about repeating them like a mantra. It’s about really digging into what they mean and how they make you feel. Sometimes, you might even hit a bit of a snag – an affirmation that makes you think, “Wait, I don’t know if I believe that about myself.” That’s okay! It’s a chance to go deeper with God and figure out what’s holding you back.

The Power of Thinking on Purpose

Remember, how you think about yourself totally changes how you act and how you show up in the world. These affirmations help you train your mind to think the way God thinks and to renew it every single day. Facing difficulties? These are chances to practice abiding, not to see them as giant setbacks.

Take That Next Step

I don’t want you to just think about these things; I want you to DO something about them. Abiding affirmations are about grounding yourself so deeply in Christ’s truth that you start to live a whole new way. Pick a few affirmations that hit home, and really spend time thinking about them. You can journal, talk them over with a trusted friend, or whatever works for you! Get them inside you, where they can start making a difference.

Unlock the Power of Your Faith with 30 Abiding Affirmations:
Abiding Affirmations

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