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Empowering Leaders: Integrating Faith and Business with Micah of Dream Support

#dreamsupport #entrepreneurship #executiveassistants #faith-drivenentrepreneur #faithandbusiness #inspiration #leadership #pastorturnedentrepreneur #theabidingceo #worklifebalance May 23, 2024

Ever wished you could run a business that feels true to your faith, without sacrificing success? That’s exactly the question we’re tackling today with Micah, founder of Dream Support!

Get ready to be inspired – this former pastor turned entrepreneur has cracked the code on building a business fueled by his spiritual values. We’re diving into his unique journey, his passion for empowering other leaders, and the secret behind Dream Support – a company where service and faith walk hand-in-hand.

Empowering Leaders through Dream Support

Remember how we talked about wishing your business could feel more aligned with your values? That’s where Dream Support comes in. Micah and his team aren’t just about crossing items off a to-do list.  They believe in giving leaders their most precious resource back – time.

Micah explains it perfectly: “So Dream Support, it’s a simple concept in that we provide remote, fractional executive assistants to busy leaders... anywhere where there’s a busy person that really can’t get everything they need to get done.”

By handing off those time-consuming administrative tasks, Dream Support empowers leaders to focus on their real passions, on those big-picture ideas that align with what they believe. It’s more than just making life easier; it’s about making space for work that feels truly meaningful.

Supporting Diverse Ventures: A Leader in Every Niche

We mentioned that Dream Support empowers leaders, but what kind of leaders?  The answer: all of them!  Micah and his team are passionate about serving a wide range of clients, no matter their industry or background.  This variety is what keeps things interesting for Dream Support, and it also reflects their commitment to making their services accessible to anyone who needs them.

As Micah shared, “I was telling you about a gentleman who started a boutique soda company. He got inspired, he went to Hawaii, he tasted one from somebody. And then he came back home, he lives in San Diego, and he was like, ‘Man, I want to do this here, I want to create this unique local soda brand’.”

Can you imagine the excitement of working with someone who’s so passionate about their dream, even if it’s something as unexpected as a boutique soda company? Dream Support thrives on that energy, and it allows them to use their skills to empower all sorts of leaders, from those in established industries to the next big thing in craft beverages. This diversity keeps Dream Support on its toes and ensures they’re constantly innovating to meet the unique needs of their clients. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

From Pulpit to Platform: Micah’s Unexpected Journey

So, Dream Support empowers all sorts of leaders, but what about Micah himself? His journey to entrepreneurship is as unique and inspiring as the clients he serves. While many might see a pastor and an entrepreneur as worlds apart, Micah’s story demonstrates how faith and business can actually complement each other beautifully.

Before Dream Support, Micah’s passion for leadership played out in a different setting: “I worked in a bunch of churches, planted the last church I worked in. I wasn’t intending on starting a business. But when you plant a church, you’re sort of capping your income potential at a certain level, unless you grow rapidly. We weren’t growing rapidly, just steadily, but small and slow. Then the pandemic hit. With California’s restrictions, we were limited in what we could do and how much we could meet in person. We weren’t the kind of place that was going to fight the system. So we transitioned to online. The longer it went on, it was like, ‘Man, to go back into person, we’re gonna have to replant this thing.’ We were essentially telling our volunteers we didn’t need a lot from them right now, and we couldn’t provide a lot of community opportunities. So it’s kind of a weird space to be in.”

This highlights Micah’s dedication to his ministry. Even when faced with challenges, his focus remained on serving his community. But it also hints at the adaptability and resourcefulness that would later translate so well into the business world. 

While the decision to move from pastor to entrepreneur wasn’t necessarily planned, Micah’s inherent leadership skills and his commitment to helping others provided a strong foundation for building Dream Support. This unexpected career shift allowed him to empower people on a larger scale, while still staying true to his core values.

The Ministry of Dream Support: Beyond Just Business

We talked about Micah’s unexpected transition from pastor to entrepreneur and how that doesn’t mean his ministry work ended. In fact, Dream Support is an extension of that desire to serve others.  It might seem like a leap, but the core principles remain the same.

Micah explains it beautifully: “Well, there’s different levels of this. Life, if you’re a Jesus follower, you know, life is ministry. So every little aspect – when I volunteered at the kids’ school, it’s ministry; when I interact with my family, it’s ministry.  So inside the business, there’s sort of a multifaceted thing. As our business serves clients like yourself, what that enables you to do is minister in your business to more people because you’re focused less on the administrative stuff. I think it’s funny that ministry and administration are so similar in their work, yet it’s not a fun word. People don’t want to go play with documents. What we do is find those people who actually genuinely love that stuff and pair them with our clients. When those work really well, it enables the client to do way more in their life, with their family, in their business, whatever it is.”

Notice how Micah talks about his clients. It’s not just about ticking off tasks; it’s about giving busy leaders the freedom to focus on what truly matters. When you take away the distraction of administrative burdens, you’re essentially giving people back their time, their energy, and maybe even a bit of their sanity! That time can then be spent on things that resonate deeply with their values – whether that’s expanding their business, spending more time with family, or even engaging in ministry work of their own. This ripple effect of empowerment is a powerful form of ministry in its own right.

Personalized Onboarding: Finding the Perfect Fit

Dream Support’s commitment to ministry extends to every aspect of their business, even their client onboarding process.  This isn’t a one-size-fits-all, “here’s your assistant, good luck!” scenario.  Micah and his team understand the importance of a strong match between their executive assistants and clients.  That’s why they invest so much time and attention into making sure the partnership is just right.

Here’s how Micah describes the tailored approach: “The process is pretty simple. What after we’ve had a discovery call with a potential client. I’m trying to learn the needs, what are the specific kinds of things they need?... I’m looking at the people that we already work with who still have capacity... I’m going to this available pool… And if they’re not in there, then we will go ahead and we’ll do a search.”


Notice how proactive Micah is – he’s not just filling slots; he starts with a thorough discovery call to fully understand the client’s specific needs. His priority is identifying the right personality fit and skillset – whether that’s someone already on the Dream Support team or a potential new hire. This careful hand-selection is crucial for building strong, long-lasting partnerships that truly empower clients.

Differentiating Between VAs and EAs

Dream Support’s focus on finding the perfect match goes hand-in-hand with their emphasis on utilizing Executive Assistants (EAs) rather than just general Virtual Assistants (VAs). There’s a crucial difference, and it’s about more than just a fancy title.

Micah explains, “The primary difference is going to be the depth of their involvement within the business, or venture or whatever it is, or the ministry... So executive assistants are probably going to have a lot more access... They have a bigger picture of what’s going on altogether. A virtual assistant is more like, a lot of times people ask me this too, like we’re US-based...I know people make that work. I know they do. But I also know they churn through people a lot more...”

Micah’s insights highlight why EAs are a better fit for Dream Support’s purpose. EAs aren’t just task-tacklers; they become deeply integrated with the client’s business. This requires the kind of trust established through Dream Support’s personalized onboarding. EAs have wider access and visibility into a company, leading to a greater understanding of its needs and goals. This translates into the EA acting with initiative and becoming an invaluable extension of the leadership team itself.

Balancing Act: Micah’s Faith-Centered Approach to Business

We’ve talked about how Dream Support isn’t just about crossing off a to-do list; it’s about empowering leaders to do the work that matters to them. Micah’s own faith journey provides a perfect example of this principle, and he shares some valuable wisdom for balancing faith and demanding careers.

He emphasizes this crucial perspective: “Just having perspective on what the most important things are in life... you’re going to have the relationships, and you want to maintain those. So your relationship with God, your relationship with your family... make sure you’re doing that well.”

Micah doesn’t see faith as something that competes with work; he views it as a guidepost. It keeps the focus on our relationships with God, family, and ourselves – the truly important things that can easily get lost in the hustle of running a business. His advice of giving ourselves “permission to not just run full force... but also breathe, have rest... trying to live in that kind of present moment,” reminds us that finding true balance is essential.

Remember, Micah knows firsthand the pull of ministry and the challenge of switching to a business mindset. His commitment to his faith didn’t diminish, it simply manifested in a different way. This gives his advice a unique depth that will resonate with many leaders looking to create a more holistic perspective on success.

Final Thoughts

Micah’s journey from pastor to entrepreneur proves that even amidst life’s unexpected turns, our values remain our guiding light. His emphasis on relationships with God and loved ones reminds us that true success isn’t just about work achievements; it’s about finding fulfillment in all aspects of life. By seeking ways to delegate or outsource tasks that drain our energy, we can free ourselves to pursue the work that aligns with our passions and values. Micah’s journey teaches us that adapting to life’s changes while staying true to our core beliefs can lead to unexpected paths of service and fulfillment.

About Micah

Micah Foster, co-founder of Dream Support LLC, has provided remote executive assistants to busy leaders who need administrative and organizational help since 2018. He has a passion for creating positive, productive work environments and for empowering people to reach their full potential. 

He was also the founding and Lead Pastor at Two Cities Church for almost a decade, where he applied his skills in communication, marketing, donor relations, volunteer management, and non-profit work. He resides in Fresno, CA with his wife, and business partner, Erica and their three children, the youngest of which they foster-adopted. His mission is to make a positive impact in the world through serving others, empowering busy leaders and sharing his faith.

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