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Faith, Business & Finding Balance: Emily Chang’s Inspiring Story (Farm Girl to Salon Owner)

Are you a business owner who wants to align your faith with your work? In this episode of “The Abiding CEO™, I’m chatting with Emily Chang, owner of Birch Salon. Emily shares her inspiring journey from farm girl to successful entrepreneur, offering faith-infused wisdom for anyone running a business.

What’s Covered

  • Emily’s unique childhood growing up on a chicken farm.
  • How she found spiritual grounding in the quiet of rural life.
  • Transitioning from hairstylist to teacher and back again.
  • The challenges of balancing motherhood and business ownership.
  • Emily’s approach to creating a faith-driven company culture.
  • Practical advice for finding your own path as an Abiding CEO.

Ready to be inspired? Listen to the full episode to learn more about Emily’s incredible story and discover how you can create a business that reflects your values and honors your faith.


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