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Empowering Future Leaders in Social Work: Haley Matthews’ Inspiring Journey

Are you considering taking on an intern or becoming a mentor? In this episode of “The Abiding CEO™,” we’re talking to Haley Matthews, a social work graduate student and our current intern.

Discover Haley’s unique story as a first-generation college student transitioning into a passionate social worker. In this episode, Haley discusses the impact of faith and education on her career choices and shares insights into the transformative power of mentorship in social worker. Delve into the nuances of pursuing a faith-based career and the importance of resilience and spiritual guidance in professional development.

This episode is a must-listen for aspiring social workers, educators, and anyone interest in the intersection of faith, mentorship, and social sciences!

What’s Covered

  • How Haley overcame challenges and found her passion for social work.
  • The value of faith-based practices in mental health.
  • The behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a fully licensed social worker.
  • Why mentoring the next generation is crucial for business owners and leaders.
  • Insights on leadership and what it takes to create a fulfilling career.

Inspired by Haley’s story? Listen to the full episode and learn how you can start mentoring others and invest in the future. Let’s create a world where everyone has a chance to pursue their passions and make a difference!


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