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From Thrifting Hobby to Thriving Business – Sharon Tooson’s Story

In this episode of “The Abiding CEO™,” I sit down with serial entrepreneur Sharon Tooson, whose childhood trips to thrift stores turned into a passion and eventually led her to launch her own successful online thrifting boutique, Fabulous Finds by Sharon. Thrifting isn’t just about finding bargains, it can actually be the start of a thriving business!

What’s Covered

  • Sharon’s journey from thrift store skeptic to passionate “thriftpreneur”
  • How she turned thrifting into a side hustle during the pandemic
  • Tips for starting and growing a thrifting business
  • The unexpected ministry aspect of her work
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Ready for inspiration and practical tips? Tune in to the full podcast episode to hear Sharon’s story and learn how you can turn your love for unique and affordable finds into something more!

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